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What is Team Carrie Ann?

Are you part of Team Carrie Ann? You should be! This is the place where you get to know Carrie Ann the most! She shares excerpts and covers early, but does behind the scene book clubs and other things just for Team Carrie Ann members.

Where do you get your ideas?

Honestly I get ideas from everywhere. I start with the characters I want to write and see how I can put them into situations that might be difficult for them, then I work on the rest of the concept of the book. Anything can inspire me and sometimes I just need to sit down and think.

Are you traditionally published?

As of right now, I am full indie published with the exception of my work with 1001 Dark Nights. However, that might change soon. I’ll keep you posted!

Will you ever write in another genre?

As of write now, I write in contemporary, paranormal, and young adult romance. Maybe one day I will venture out and I even have a few ideas, but for now, I’m happily busy with what I’m writing.