How did you start writing? | Carrie Ann Ryan
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How did you start writing?

I’ve always been a dreamer, but instead of going toward that route, I went into the math and sciences. While in graduate school for chemistry, I found a book called Twilight. I’d always read for school and had no time to read for fun. Oh boy how wrong I was to miss so many good books! After Twilight, I read 1-3 books a day for a few years, going a little crazy in the romance book department.

A few thousand books later, I had an idea for a story about what would happen if a wolf went on a blind date and found his mate. From that, I wrote An Alpha’s Path, and the Redwood Pack series was born. I am one of the lucky ones that found more than one passion in my life, but reading and writing romance is the main passion for me.

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