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Carrie Ann Ryan Carrie Ann Ryan

The Forever Rule

The first in new series!

This is Aston Cage’s book. (Ford’s brother from Best Friend Temptation.)

Second Chance Husband

The third book and final book in the First Time series. August and Paisley’s romance.


One Night with You

A stand alone romance in the Montgomery Ink Legacy series.

Want to start the series and not sure where? This is a great place!

Forever For Us

Special Edition

The Wilder Brothers series from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan continues with an enemies to lovers, workplace romance where Wyatt Wilder meets his match.

The moment I found out my ex-wife was cheating with my former best friend I knew I’d hit rock bottom, and it was time for a change. With the freshly signed divorce papers in hand, I want nothing to do with my old life as I start my new one with my brothers and our new distillery and bar on the Wilder Retreat.

Only when I see my former best friend’s ex, Ava, in need of a job, I can’t say no. Not when she has their eight-year-old daughter in tow and nowhere to go.

Now I’m forced to work with the woman from my past I’d rather forget. We both want to move on, but every time we’re near each other, the fire hadn’t known we could have burns between us even brighter.

We should say no. The complications would break us. Yet we can’t walk away.

Even when it would be safer for all of us if we do.