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Redwood Pack Book 4.7

Adam Jamenson’s courtship of his mate wasn’t the most conventional. In fact, it didn’t exist. Though he knows Bay loves him with every ounce of her soul, he needs to prove to her that he’s worth it. Not only for her, but for himself. While they move on and learn to be the Enforcer mated pair, Bay will find herself on a path that leads her to a history beyond just her and Adam’s mating. When she finds a locket rich in history and memories, she’ll do all in her power to see those involved found and remembered. With Adam by her side, they’ll both find the true meaning of forgiveness.

Author’s Note: This is a novella set between books 4 and 5 to give you a taste of Bay and Adam. It is best that you have already immersed yourselves in the Redwood Pack world, however even new readers will enjoy a glimpse of one of the Redwood’s favorite couples.

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“If you have not had the pleasure of meeting the Redwood Pack I would seriously recommend doing so. Youíll laugh, youíll cry, youíll sit at the edge of your seat in anticipation. Basically the Redwood Pack will have you running the gambit of emotions and loving every minute of it.”

ìI love Adam and Bay, and Forgiveness was a wonderful addition to their ongoing love story.î

ìThis was a very quick and good read. I love Adam & Bayís characters. They are both so stubborn and perfect for each other. I was very happy to see Adam finally be happy with his life. I am looking forward to the next book in this seriesî

ìI so enjoy seeing the development of these characters relationships. Adam and Bay have come a long way in their healing.î

ìIncredible as always Carrie Ann Ryan!!î


Chapter 1

She moved with grace, agility, and just that bit of sex appeal that had Adam Jamenson wishing they were alone, naked, sweaty, and doing every dirty thing that came to his mind. If one of the pups around his mate looked at her the way he was, Adam would have to beat the ever-loving crap out of him.


Bay Miltonóno, Jamenson now, and, boy, did he like the sound of thatóplanted her feet in the cool grass and fisted her hands at her hips. Her wild, scarlet-red hair blew in the wind in a disarray of curls that reminded Adam of how she looked when she rode him long through the night, her hair bouncing along with those full breasts of hers.

He groaned and shifted his stance, careful not to wake a sleeping, snuggling Micah, who slept strapped into the harness on Adamís chest. Adam knew he must have looked like a completely different person from before, what with his son in a baby harness, the cane he hated using by his side, and his position on the sidelines, rather than in the thick of it.

Things had changed.

He†had changed.

At least, he knew he had. He wasnít sure the rest of the Pack knew it yet. They still acted cautious around him, afraid to speak to him harshly or contradict him. That would change with time. He just had to show them that he had, in fact, changed.

ìOkay, you guys, youíre here because youíre ready to find your positions in the Pack, but you donít know how to efficiently control your wolf óyet.î Bay strode in front of the line of teens who had long since passed the age of their first change but still lacked the control and discipline needed to be an enforcer in the Redwood Pack.

Not†the†Enforcer. No, that was Adamís job.

One-legged and all.

His mate and love of his life, Bay, had turned out to be one fine Enforcerís mate, doing almost everything he had as the Enforcer, and because of their bond, she felt the same threats to the Pack that he didójust to a lesser extent.

It was as if the goddess knew the Redwoodsóand Adamóneeded another to step in when Adam was healing.

After all, having oneís leg ripped off by a demon wasnít the easiest thing to get over.

If one ever did.

Nevertheless he would healóhe had to.

In fact, heíd already begun to because seeing his mate and child in the hands of the demon, Caym, had stolen any ounce of stubbornness and pride from him. Heíd crawled, broken and bleeding, to the depths of any despair heíd thought heíd had and failed.

It had been Bay, his half-demon mate, whoíd saved them all.

He watched her move gracefully again, this time showing the young wolves how to roll to duck a punch. Adam held back a groan as she stood up and wiggled her very sweet ass in snug yoga pants.

He didnít miss the quick glances of some of the older teens either.

Just for funóand because, hell, he was the Enforceróhe let out a growl, marking what was his.

The young men froze, ducked their heads, and bared their throats. Maybe if he hadnít been sore as hell from standing on his new prosthetic leg for so long, he would have shown those boys exactly whom they were messing with, but he wasnít in the mood.

Plus, he had Micah attached to his chest, and that little one was more important than a pissing contest.

ìAdam Jamenson,î Bay scolded as she fisted her hands on her hips.

Adam smiled and watched her green eyes narrow and glow gold in annoyance. She was a feisty redheadóbut†his†feisty redhead.

ìWhatís wrong, darling?î he said causally, a grin threatening to break out over his faceósomething that was sure to scare the pups.

He heard a snicker or two from some of the pups who hadnít been watching his mateís ass, but they shut up quickly at her glare.

Then his mate rolled her eyes and tossed her hair behind her shoulders. ìI swear boys never grow up, no matter how hard they try.î

The girls in the group laughed at that, and Bay joined them.

Adam cleared his throat but didnít tug Bay close like heíd like to. He had to show that they were strong on their own as well as together while they were training. ìThatís a bit sexist, donít you think?î he teased.

Bay narrowed her eyes a bit more then winked. ìDonít get me started on sexism in a werewolf Pack, oh mate of mine. Iíll let you off the hook because you happen to be holding the cutest baby in the world.î

Micah woke up at his motherís words and gurgled his appreciation. Adam lifted Micah a bit, patted his little diapered butt, and watched as Bayís face brightened. He knew his mate loved their child more than anything in the world, and he didnít fault her for it. No, he loved Micah just as much.

He hadnít always shown it.

He swallowed hard but didnít show any other expression at the memory. God, heíd been such an ass.

A fucking ass.

Heíd walked away from his mate when she needed him the most because heíd had to say goodbye to Anna, his first mate whoíd died so many years before. Heíd walked away emotionally from Bay long before that.

Fuck, he needed to kick his own ass more than Caym had.

Adam was still surprised Bay had even stayed with him. Frankly, he wouldnít have blamed her for picking up Micah and walking away from him without a glance back.

Luckily for him, sheíd stayed for Micah and the Pack.

He wasnít sure sheíd stayed for him thoughónot that he deserved it.

He still needed to prove heíd changed. Prove he was worthy of her.

Though he didnít deserve it, he needed her forgiveness.

He watched as Bay finished up the training and sent the pups on their way. Ignoring the pain in his stump, he leaned on his cane to bend down and pick up the yoga mat sheíd used to stretch out before the training. Images of just how sheíd bent and twisted in order to do so made the pain in his leg worth it.

Because he was a wolf and not a normal human, his recovery time from the forced amputation was abundantly less than what it could have been. Already he could move without his cane if needed, and the prosthesis fit him perfectly. His brother and doctor, North, refitted him every other day. Though Adam knew it was too frequent at this point, he let his brother worry about him only because it not only made Bay feel better but North and their mother as well.

Heíd do anything to get the looks of fear off their faces. Theyíd tried to hide it, but he knew the fear was still there. He knew they were all afraid heíd fall into the abyss again and fracture, turning back into the wolf who drank too much, hurt those he loved, and continually threw his life away. Heíd done that before heíd had his anchoróhis Bay. And now, with Micah in the picture, he knew he had a future.

That is, as long as they defeated the Centrals.

That was another matter altogether.

ìWhat do you think youíre doing?î Bay asked as she took the mat from his hands.

Adam gave a small growl and frowned. ìHelping you clean up.î

Bay rolled her eyes. ìI could have handled it. I donít want you to hurt yourself.î

He watched as she winced at her words, but he shook his head before she could apologize. Even though it grated on him, he wasnít about to make an issue of it. He needed her to see him as more than a wounded man, but he also wanted her to need him more. She mattered more.

ìI wonít push myself. I promise. I just wanted to help my mate.î He took her hand in his and brought it to his lips.

Her skin tasted of ice and berries, an intoxicating combination that set his wolf on edge, nudging at his skin. His wolf loved her and her wolf just as much as he didósomething he loved about being a werewolf in the first place. There were two of themótwo soulsósharing one body that loved and mated the same person and, in Bayís case, who also possessed two wolves.

ìSheís worth far more than either of us,î†his wolf said, leaning back to allow Adam the control he needed. It felt good to hear his wolf speak. It had been far too long since theyíd shared a relationship where one wasnít afraid of the otherówhere one didnít blame the other for death and pain.

ìAdam, you know I wasnít calling you weak,î Bay said as she pulled back, running a hand over Micahís head.

Their son gurgled his delight, and she picked him up out of his harness, nuzzling his soft head against her chin.

Adam ignored her use of the word weak. He wasnít weak, not by a long shot. He was the damn Enforcer of the Redwood Packóone legged and all.

The sight of his mate holding their child did odd things to Adam. All at once, he wanted to howl to the moon, praising the goddess for his virility as a father, and, at the same time, cover them with his body to ensure their safety.

Apparently, being a father caused one to go ënucking futsí.

He grinned at the saying of one of the pups heíd taught.

Bay would hurt him if he kept cursing around Micah, and since his son was the smartest son of all sons, he knew Micah would pick up on the words soon.

After all, his Micah was the son of Bay, the most beautiful wolf in the world, and himselfóa wolf not too bad if he listened to Bay.

ìWhat is that smile for?î Bay asked as she started walking toward their home, Micah on her hip.

Adam took the mat from her arms and walked beside her, not using his cane as much as he had the previous week. The pain in his stump numbed as he got used to the walk.

ìJust thinking about how our child is the smartest and best baby in the world.î

Bay let out a laugh that sent shivers down his spine. ìYouíre going to fill his little head with all that nonsense and heíll be one of those babies who pushes other babies around.î

She kissed the top of Micahís head after she said it, and Micah let out a small laugh.

Soon their child would start talking and expressing his thoughts. After all, their son was amazing.

ìYouíre doing it again,î Bay accused with a laugh in her voice. ìYouíre doing that whole rooster thing where you thrust your chest out and show off your son, proving that your p-e-n-i-s can be wielded like the mightiest of swords.î

ìHeís going to learn to spell that. And p-e-n-i-s isnít a dirty word.î

She growled, and Micah let out a yelp. Quickly, she pulled him closer, and Adam took his turn to roll his eyes.

ìReally? Youíre mothering him like heís the best baby in the world.î

She glared at him over their sonís head.

He winced, not because of her look of ìdoomî, but because of the slight incline in their path. ìOnly because youíre the best mother in the world.î

ìDonít let your mother hear you say that,î she said as they made their way into their home.

He looked over his shoulder, imagining his soft, yet Alpha, mother coming from behind and attacking him with a wooden spoonóor just her claws. ìDonít say that. She could come at any moment.î

ìYour mother is the one all of us Jamenson women strive to be.î

Adam frowned at her tone. ìYouíre an amazing mother, Bay. You donít need to strive to be anyone but who you are.î

She turned, rose to her toes, and kissed him softly. ìThank you for that. I was thinking more that if she could deal with the six of you boys and your sister, she can do anything.î

Adam threw his head back and laughed. ìTrue. My mother is one heóck of a mother.î

Bay glared at his almost-misstep and continued to the nursery. ìIím going to set him down for his n-a-p, and then we can snuggle.î She winked as she said it, and his cock perked up.


Hell yeah.

He cleared his throat. ìI thought it was his dinner time.î It wasnít as if he didnít want to snuggle with his mateódear goddess how he wanted to do thatóbut they needed to care for Micah first.

Bay lifted a brow and smiled. ìIím going to feed, burp, and change him before his nap. Itís the routine.î

ìThen let me help,î Adam put in as he followed her to the nursery. It had once been a tomb of sorrow but now stood as a testament of how much they loved their son.

ìWhen you grow boobs, Iím sure you can,î she teased as she sat down in the rocking chair and pulled down her yoga top.

All funny thoughts of him with boobs vanished at the sight of his mateís nipple before Micah attached himself like a greedy glutton.

The sight of his mate feeding their child was another one of those sights that threatened to bring him to his knees. Well, knee, since he had only one, but it was the principle of the matter.

He hobbled forward and leaned down to run a knuckle over the soft slope of her breast above their childís head.

ìI love you, oh mate of mine,î Bay whispered.

He looked into those green eyes that always ensnared him in the best ways possible. ìI love you too.î He kissed the top of his sonís head then kissed the corner of Bayís mouth. ìIím going to start dinner so youíre fed and well before we settle in. While itís cooking, Iíll come back and change Micah for you so you can rest.î

He needed to do everything he could for her. Words didnít matter. Lies were easily said, easily heard. Actions never liedóeven if their intended purpose might be misconstrued.

His Bay had to know he cared for her and needed her in his life. He had to prove he was worth being in hers.

Bay tilted her head and reached out to stroke his cheek. ìYou donít need to do that. I can handle it.î

Adam gave a small smile and pressed her palm to the side of his face, inhaling that sweet scent that brought him home while bringing him to the edge of sanity.

ìLet me do this for you.î

Let me do everything.

Bay let out a small sigh and jostled Micah. ìOf course. I could use the rest.î

He knew she was lying, even though she did indeed need to slow down. His Bay was trying to be the Enforcer by his side and learn how to be a new mother, all the while learning what it meant to be part of the Redwood Pack, rather than just a lone wolf.

They had all changed, and if Adam had anything to say about it, it would be for the better.

He walked to the kitchen, ignoring the pain in his stump, and started to make dinner, pulling out the chicken, vegetables, and rice. Though he was a red-meat type of guyócome on, he was a wolf after allóBay loved eating healthy, so thatís what they would do.

She had a sweet tooth he loved to indulge, meaning they went to Willowís Bakery or kitchen whenever they could to get the baked goods that made most want to orgasm on the spot. His brother Jasper, Willowís mate, was a lucky man.

Adam thought about his fierce Bay and smiled. He was pretty lucky as well.

As the chicken was cooking, he leaned against the counter, letting his body rest without the extra weight on his stump. He knew eventually he wouldnít even feel the pain. Though humans would always have to deal with it in some fashion, as a wolf, he would be able to lead a normal life, even if he had to learn to run on a prosthetic leg, so he could protect his family.

As a wolf, he had only three legs, which might have scared some, but he took it as his due. His punishment. He could run with the best of them and fight for his family. Even so, heíd almost felt like heíd never be whole because heíd pushed his family away. It ached at him that heíd hurt them so much but heíd do whatever he could to fix it.

He deserved what he got because heíd hurt Bay so much.

Heíd never forget the broken look on her face when heíd walked awayóeven if heíd only done it to say goodbye to his past. He should have stayed and explained. Instead, heíd broken his mate and almost destroyed their fragile mate bond.

He was the same man whoíd beaten Jasper when his brother had threatened to walk away from Willow for her own safety during the beginning stage of their mating. Then, when Adam had thought heíd spend his life alone in penance for letting Anna and their unborn child die, Bay had come into his life, bringing Micah with her.

The grease from chicken popped in the pan, bringing him out of his thoughts. He quickly flipped it over before it burned, letting the smell of garlic and basil fill his nose.

ìMicahís down for the count,î Bay said as she walked into the kitchen and wrapped her arms around his middle from behind. Her sweet berry-and-ice scent settled over him, and he sighed.

ìI thought I was going to do that for you so you could relax.î

Bay moved to stand between him and the stove, meeting his eyes. ìIt was easy for me to do it. You can go in and kiss him later though. I know you love that little boy just as much as I do. Youíre cooking dinner for us and doing everything else in the house you can these days. Take a breath, Adam. Youíre going to overwork yourself.î

Didnít she see that he had to? Didnít she see that, if he didnít, heíd break because he needed to make sure she knew she and Micah were the best things in his life?

He took the chicken off the burner and turned off the heat before bringing Bay closer. ìYouíre my everything, Bay Jamenson. Iím doing all of this because I can, because I donít want you to have to. Youíve done so much for me that I canít even breathe because I love you so much. Let me love you.î

Bay smiled, her face brightening. ìI will always let you do that, dork. Youíre my everything, just as much as Iím yours. Slow down with me. Okay?î She ran her hands down his back, cupping his ass through his jeans. ìWhat do you say we put the food in the fridge and make out like high school pups?î

Adam threw his head back and laughed. ìSoon Iíll be able to throw you over my shoulder and carry you to the bedroom. Iíll show you just how much of a caveman I still am, but for now, your plan sounds like a great idea.î

Bayís eyes darkened at his words, even as the thin rings of gold of her wolfís presence glowed around her irises. ìYou know what? Iím sure the food will be fine just waiting for us on the counter.î She wiggled out of his hold and ran to the bedroom, shucking off her clothes as she did so.

Adam prowled behind her, stripping off his shirt. Sheíd have to help with his pants and leg, but she liked doing it, and he liked her hands on him.

His wolf growled in appreciation of what was to come, and he smiled.

Oh yes, this was one way to show how much he loved her.

His favorite way.