What is the reading order for all of the books in the Montgomery Ink world? - Carrie Ann Ryan
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What is the reading order for all of the books in the Montgomery Ink world?


If you’re new to my books, the perfect place to start in contemporary romance is One way Back to Me and Bittersweet Promises! And if you’re in the mood for paranormal romances, then begin with Etched in Honor.

Each book in the Montgomery Ink world is a stand alone romance. In fact, every contemporary novel and novella I’ve ever written is set in the same world where the Montgomerys exist. It’s a fun way for readers to hop along the series and see familiar faces. And it’s a great way for new readers to start wherever they’d like, even four series into the world, and work their way around.

You can find the full reading order for all of the books out and upcoming HERE.

In terms of Montgomery Ink Novels only, without the other contemporary stand alone series:

  1. Delicate Ink
  2. Tempting Boundaries
  3. Harder than Words
  4. Written in Ink
  5. Ink Enduring
  6. Ink Exposed
  7. Inked Expressions
  8. Inked Memories
  9. Fallen Ink
  10. Restless Ink
  11. Jagged Ink
  12. Wrapped in Ink
  13. Sated in Ink
  14. Embraced in Ink
  15. Seduced in Ink
  16. Inked Persuasion
  17. Inked Obsession
  18. Inked Devotion
  19. Inked Craving
  20. Inked Temptation
  21. Bittersweet Promises
  22. At First Meet
  23. Longtime Crush
  24. Best Friend Temptation

The Montgomery Ink World so far encompasses a few series, so far, though each book is a stand alone. Below you can see where the trilogies in the world branch off from the main Montgomery Ink family novels.

In case you want the entire timeline order:

  1. Ink Inspired
  2. Ink Reunited
  3. Delicate Ink
  4. Forever Ink
  5. Tempting Boundaries
  6. Harder than Words
  7. Written in Ink
  8. Hidden Ink
  9. Ink Enduring
  10. Love Restored
  11. Love, Honor, and Ink
  12. Ink Exposed
  13. Adoring Ink
  14. Passion Restored
  15. Inked Expressions
  16. Dropout
  17. Hope Restored
  18. Executive Ink
  19. Inked Memories
  20. Inked Nights
  21. Second Chance Ink
  22. Whiskey Secrets
  23. Fallen Ink
  24. Whiskey Reveals
  25. Restless Ink
  26. Whiskey Undone
  27. Ashes to Ink
  28. Jagged Ink
  29. Ink by Numbers
  30. Breaking Without You
  31. Shouldn’t Have You
  32. Falling With You
  33. Wrapped in Ink
  34. Breathless With Her
  35. Reckless With You
  36. Taken With You
  37. Sated in Ink
  38. Shameless With Him
  39. Embraced in Ink
  40. Forever Only Once
  41. From That Moment
  42. Moments in Ink
  43. Seduced in Ink
  44. Far From Destined
  45. From Our First
  46. Captured in Ink
  47. Inked Persuasion
  48. My One Night
  49. My Rebound
  50. Inked Obsession
  51. My Next Play
  52. Inked Devotion
  53. My Bad Decisions
  54. Nothing But Ink
  55. Inked Craving
  56. A Night for Us
  57. One Way Back to Us
  58. Inked Temptation
  59. Always the One for Me
  60. The Path to You
  61. Coming Home for Us
  62. Stay Here with Me
  63. Bittersweet Promises
  64. At First Meet
  65. Happily Ever Never
  66. Longtime Crush
  67. Best Friend Temptation

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