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What is the Less Than series?

The Less Than series is a stand alone series set in the Montgomery World and is about Dimitri’s siblings from Restless Ink. You can read any of these books in any order. You do NOT need to read Restless Ink or any of the other books in the Montgomery world before you read this series.

The Carr siblings have always been a unit. No matter what came at them, they stood together, even if they didn’t always get along. After losing their parents they knew they needed to fight for what was theirs, even if they only had each other. And as secrets come to light, they’ll have to decide if the past means more their futures. And along the way they’ll each take a turn falling for those that need them most of all.

They say loss changes a person, but what’s left behind? And what is there to lose when you thought you lost it all?
Three couples will have to figure out what their answers could be as they do the one thing that risks the most: fall.

They fall hard. They fall fast. They fall hot.


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