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A bonus romance with Blake and Graham from Love Restored

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Blake knew she shouldn’t have sat on the floor, but she wanted to rest for a minute, and the laundry was on the couch. So, she’d ended up on a large pillow near the sofa, and figured it might take a crowbar and perhaps a forklift to get up again.

This is what happened when you were almost at your due date and not the spring chicken you once were.

Spring chicken. Hell. She could barely remember how she’d gotten through her first pregnancy with Rowan. It had been over a decade ago, and she’d been alone and scared at the time, and yet she had thought she could face the world.

Then she’d faced it.


Faced it again.

And now, she figured she’d finally won.

She was married to a wonderful man. Her bearded and broody construction worker, who knew her inside and out. He might be grumpy, but he was also the sweetest man she knew. In marrying him, she’d gotten his family, too. The Gallaghers were tight-knit and strong. Her two new best friends had married Graham’s brothers, solidifying their connections. And since one of Graham’s brothers had married into the vast Montgomery family, who also happened to own the tattoo shop Blake worked at, she had an even bigger family.

Coming from a place where she’d thought she would be alone, and then had thought she and Rowan would have to fight alone forever…this meant everything.

Now, she had everything she could ever dream of, including new lives that would be hers and Graham’s. Graham had adopted Rowan right after they were married, and now they would have three babies.

She had everything.

But she had to pee.

Blake rested her head back on the seat of the couch and resisted the urge to call out for Graham to help her get up. Hell, she would probably need to text him so she didn’t have to yell across the house. He was currently in the nursery finishing up the final tweaks since they were about to have two new lives under their roof, along with a tween girl who was driving Blake crazy of late.

How all of that had happened at once, she didn’t know, but she was so damn grateful.

And she still needed to pee.

“Graham!” she called out, annoyed because she couldn’t lever herself up off the floor. One baby was currently rolling on top of her bladder, and the other was pushing at her lung. There wasn’t enough room for her organs and the babies, and her body was just becoming aware of that.

She shouldn’t have sat on the damn floor, but pregnancy brain was a cruel mistress.

Her very sweet husband didn’t answer since he couldn’t hear her over his music, and in her mind, he wasn’t so sweet anymore. No, now she was the grumpy one.


No answer.

So she did the one thing that annoyed her about this new tech age but didn’t care. If she weren’t careful, she’d end up peeing her pants, and that wasn’t something she needed to do on her nice carpet.

Blake: Graham. Come into the living room. I need to pee.

It didn’t take long for him to answer, and because he’d been the best husband ever over the past few months of this pregnancy, he didn’t even question why she needed him so she could pee. And he didn’t bitch that she was being rude.

Hell, she loved this man and hated part of herself for acting this way.

But she really needed to pee.

Graham: On it.

He was in front of her in an instant, and only frowned slightly when he noticed her on the floor. But because he was probably afraid of her reaction, he didn’t say a word, he just helped her up.

She loved him so damn much.

And when the babies kicked extra hard, she just smiled and leaned into him.

Pregnancy moods were weird and ever in flux, but her family made it all worth it. However, the constant needing to pee? That she could do without.








Graham watched his pregnant wife sleeping by his side and couldn’t help the grin spreading across his face. If at any point earlier in his life, someone had said he’d become a caveman when his woman was pregnant, he’d have called them crazy.

And yet he was this close to beating his chest and growling whenever he watched her walk—or rather, waddle—around their house. She was growing two of their kids inside her, and he couldn’t wrap his mind around it. Add in the fact that Rowan had read every baby book with them and knew way more about sex and reproduction than a kid her age probably should, and he was just one proud papa.

Apparently, Rowan wanted to be ready for a home birth in case any of the forty Gallaghers and Montgomerys weren’t around to help out.

Blake had kissed their daughter’s brow before rolling her eyes. Rowan wanted all the info, but he was pretty sure that Blake also wanted the good drugs.

Since his wife was finally sleeping, he didn’t reach out and put his hand on her belly like he normally would have—and wanted to now. He loved feeling his girls kick and reach out. Yeah, he and Blake were having twin girls.


How he was suddenly going to be a father to three girls, he didn’t know, but he couldn’t wait. He’d be outnumbered, four against one, but he’d manage. He was a Gallagher, after all.

His brothers laughed at him and what was to come, but as Owen had a newborn at home, and Jake’s wife was currently pregnant with their second child, neither of them could say anything. Knowing Murphy, he and his wife would be joining the brood scene soon, but Graham was grateful that only three of the four wives were pregnant at the moment.

All four, plus the numerous pregnant Montgomery women, would have surely started some kind of ice cream shortage…or maybe the apocalypse.

Blake groaned next to him, and he shot up, instantly worried.

“What is it?” he whispered, knowing she had to be awake. She didn’t sleep well as it was, but she didn’t usually groan like that.

“I think…I think my water just broke.”

Graham blinked, then grinned when Blake smiled widely, even with the worry, anticipation, and anxiousness in her gaze that had to match his.

It was time.


And he couldn’t fucking wait.




end of story