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Long Day’s Night

Ian’s been out of town for far too long but Rafe and Sassy might have a few ideas to…comfort him.

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Long Day’s Night

There was nothing Ian wouldn’t do to get back to New Orleans, but he was afraid he’d only see the New York City skyline when he woke for the next few weeks. He might have lived in the city for years before moving back to where he’d grown up, but New York wasn’t home anymore.

The acquisition of the new company had taken twice as long as it should have. And because of that, Ian had been stuck in the city with his husband, wife, and twins. It wasn’t fair to Sassy or Rafe that they’d been forced to shoulder the burden of daily life with twins and jobs of their own because he’d been stuck up north.

Not only did he hate not seeing them every day other than through Skype, he missed everything about them. He missed the feel of his wife against him as they spooned long into the night just as much as he missed the feel of his husband’s strong hands his back after a particularly long day at work. Ian knew he was quite spoiled with the both of them and yet because of his job he hadn’t been able to see them and over a month since he’d been in London before this trip as well.

And because of other people’s mistakes, it might be another month until he could go back.

That was unacceptable.

It has been a long hard road to go back to New Orleans in the first place I find his happiness in an unlikely pair. Even though the world had set against them, he’d found his happy ever after in not one but two people. They were a true triad. Rafe was as much as his as Sassy was. And the same could be said of the other two. But at the moment, it felt as if he were on the outside looking in.

He hated it.

And yet he knew without asking someone he loved to sacrifice something of theirs, nothing would be changing anytime soon.

Yet sulking around in his penthouse apartment while staring off into the skyline wasn’t going to help anyone.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had a planned Skype call with his family, he might have still been in the office, working his butt off, or worse, working in his home office and drinking coffee late into the night. It was no wonder a lot of people in his profession ended up gaining too much weight and had heart attacks because of the stress the fact they didn’t eat enough of the good things that kept them healthy.

Ian was afraid too many nights like this and he’d become one of those people.

However the thought of seeing his children’s faces tonight, make it all better. Ethan and Lily we’re over a year old and now and forming their own personalities apart from each other. Even though scientifically it didn’t make any sense, he felt like he saw a little bit of the three of them in his twins. Though they haven’t done DNA testing to see who the biological the father was, it was clear that the twins were Rafe’s. But Ian felt as if they were his no matter what test results might say. The children knew him as Daddy while Rafe was Papa. He knew it was only going to get harder as the children aged since Ian, Sassy, and Rafe weren’t in a conventional relationship, but he knew that he would be there for his children just like his spouses were no matter what.

His phone buzzed reminding him to get on the computer so he wouldn’t missed the call and he smiled. Damn he missed them.

As soon as he turned on the screen, the familiar ringing tone started and he answered with a smile. Ray sat across from him now with the twins on each knew.

His husband was beyond handsome and just seeing him in there made Ian want to groan. Rafe must have caught the familiar glint in his eye because his husband just winked.

He winked back before turning his attention to Ethan and Lily. The other loves of his life. He’d never thought he’d be a father, not after everything that had happened between him, Sassy, and Rafe back when they’d been younger, but now he couldn’t even bear to think of his life without the twins.

They were his everything, his future, his peace—even if they kept him up in the wee hours of the night with colic and feedings.

They were his.

“Where’s Mommy?” Ian asked, disappointed in not seeing Sassy right away.

Rafe shrugged and Ian frowned. “She couldn’t make it tonight. Had something to do.”

That didn’t sound like his wife at all. She might love her job at the tattoo shop and had wonderful friends, but she’d yet to miss a call with him since he’d been gone. He couldn’t help but feel that little stab of pain at not seeing her.

What could be so important that she’d miss him?

Of course, that only made him feel like a dick since he was the one out of town, not her.

“Tell her I love her,” Ian said, his voice a little hoarse. He swallowed hard before asking the twins about their day. They babbled to him, looking like little miniatures of Rafe and Sassy.

If he’d been unsure at all about his relationship with Rafe and Sassy, the fact that he was so far away and on the outside looking in would hurt him more than he could say. But with these little calls and the letters that Sassy had the twins stamp and color, he felt like he was there, if only for brief moments.

But he still missed his family like hell and wished he didn’t have to stay up in the city for so long. He hung up with his family, blowing them kisses so they would giggle and grin, before opening up his calendar.

If he worked at it, he could move a few weekends and get down to New Orleans. He’d be exhausted and use up his miles, but he didn’t care. He had money. Hell, he had enough money to buy his own plane.

He just hated not being with his family.

The doorbell rang and he frowned, wondering who the hell could be at his door at this time of the evening on a weeknight. And who would have been able to get up the elevator through security?

Confused, he pocketed his phone and went to answer the door.

When he opened it, his dick hardened and a wide smile crossed his face.

“Sassy,” he breathed.

She quirked a brow and put a hand over her trench coat-clad hip. She’d tasseled her hair and had the highest fuck-me heels he’d ever seen on.

“Hey, Big Boy, I heard you might be lonely and I thought I’d come up to…comfort you.”

He growled and tugged on her coat so she slammed into his chest. She laughed and he closed the door behind her, burying his face into her curls so he could inhale her scent.

“What are you doing here?”

“I missed you,” she whispered before biting his earlobe. “Rafe will be by next weekend and after that we’re bringing up the kids. Then you can try to come down after that. Screw waiting until the job’s over. You’re ours, Mr. Steele.” She cupped him through his pants. “And we don’t take no for an answer.” She pulled back and winked at him. “Now, darling, why don’t you see what I have on under this coat?”

He swallowed hard and tugged on his tie. “Am I going to like it?” he croaked.

“Considering I forgot to pack anything at all on this trip? Oh, I think you might.”

And when her coat fell to the floor, Ian knew he was one lucky man.

Damn lucky.



end of story