March 18, 2014

Backlist Spotlight: Charmed Spirits

In the past few months I’ve found out that I have an amazing amount of new readers that I can’t wait to share more with. Some have found me through social media, some through bundles, others through search engines or conferences. I am blessed to have every one of you.

Since I first published in 2011, my backlist has grown considerably and some people are unsure of where to start reading. Also, sometimes, between newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, and other places, sometimes you STILL miss when I have a new release. I do my best to make sure it gets out there, but with so many books out there and with the fact we all have lives outside of reading (Shocking! I know), its easy to miss.

So for the next month or so I will be spotlighting each of my books with some fun trivia, buy links, FAQs, and other things that come to mind when I see one of my books. I encourage you to comment and talk to me about where you first heard of this particular book and if you’re read it. If you haven’t had a chance to read yet, well, what are you waiting for? Come on and check it out!

Today’s choice? Charmed Spirits

Charmed SpiritsTitle: Charmed Spirits

Series: Holiday, Montana Book 1

Characters: Matt and Jordan

Best Memory: This was one my lighter paranormal series. I had fun writing in a small town of Holiday, Montana where you really didn’t know if the townsfolk knew about the paranormal or not. Jordan’s past with the town wasn’t the greatest, but the Cooper brothers knew how to keep her from feeling left out. I loved the fact that Jordan didn’t take crap from anyone. 

Trivia Fact: I wrote all five Holiday, Books almost right after one another because of my schedule. That’s why the books seem so fluid (according to reviewers LOL). There wasn’t a real break in the timeline because I needed all five holidays to come right after one another. They also released during their holiday months. So Charmed Spirits released in October.

Where did the idea come from? I was just about to fall asleep one night when I thought of writing a Redwood Pack Christmas novella. But if any of you had read Enforcer’s Redemption (up next in these spotlights!) you know that it really wouldn’t have worked out timeline wise. Not with what happened in that book. Then I thought, well, I really want a Christmas book. And maybe more holidays. So I tried to sleep and came up with the Cooper Brothers and Holiday Montana. All five books are about different holidays or special moments in a child’s life. Since I was thinking of this during July or so, the next holiday was Halloween – hence Charmed Spirits being book 1. Though in retrospect, that worked out perfectly because, honestly, Matt needed help the most!

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Jordan Cross has returned to Holiday, Montana after eleven long years to clear out her late aunt’s house, put it on the market, and figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Soon, she finds herself facing the town that turned its back on her because she was different. Because being labeled a witch in a small town didn’t earn her many friends … especially when it wasn’t a lie.

Matt Cooper has lived in Holiday his whole life. He’s perfectly content being a bachelor alongside his four single brothers in a very small town. After all, the only woman he’d ever loved ran out on him without a goodbye. But now Jordan’s back and just as bewitching as ever. Can they rekindle their romance with a town set against them?

Warning: Contains an intelligent, sexy witch with an attitude and drop-dead gorgeous man who likes to work with his hands, holds a secret that might scare someone, and really, really, likes table tops for certain activities. Enough said.


“Have you seen the house yet?” Matt asked, his brows furrowed.

She shook her head and took her Coke and gum back with a small smile to Mr. Clancy. “Not yet. I was on my way over there. I just wanted to stop by for a drink.” She squared her shoulders and started toward the exit.

“You might find more than you bargained for if you want to get out quick.”

Jordan stopped and pivoted toward him. “Why? It should only take a few days to clean it out then slap on some paint, right?”

Matt shook his head and put his thumbs in his belt loops—too sexy. “Your grandmother got real sick at the end, and none of us knew.” Sadness washed over his face, and Jordan held back any similar feelings. “It may take more than you anticipated to get it ready.”

She let out a sigh and closed her eyes, counting to ten. “Then I’ll just have to deal with it, won’t I? I’m here for the duration in any case.” After all, she’d quit her PR job, a job that she hated, so she could find herself. God, how pathetic did that sound?

“Well, if you need anything, I’m here. And I bet my brothers would help out in a second.”

Jordan nodded, a smile forming. Damn those helpful, sexy Cooper brothers. “Thanks, if I need anything, I’ll holler. But I hope to do most of it on my own.”

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